About This Website

The Bird Wide Web™ was begun as a series of articles in The Quail, the monthly newsletter of the Mt. Diablo Audubon Society (MDAS) in Contra Costa County, California. Its development was encouraged by the editor, and it was shortly thereafter included on the MDAS website after each printed newsletter publication.

It soon became apparent that there was great interest among the MDAS membership for an informed, easy-to-understand guide to the tremendous resources available to birders and birdwatchers (choose your own label, if you want one) online. Each article has a theme, whether a particular app or website, or a type of resource such as blogs or podcasts.

In the interests of providing this information to a wider audience who may be unfamiliar with the vast web of relevant material, this site was begun in January 2019. There are years of articles ahead!

One focus at the outset has been on free resources, or what are called "freemium" offerings, which provide a reduced or "light" version at no cost in the hopes that users will opt for the more complete information or functions.

Although the site is at present strictly non-commercial, there is a chance that "sponsorship" relations may be established with both non-profit and for-profit institutions and enterprises. Nonetheless, the editorial judgements offered here will always remain independent and objective, with opinions clearly stated as such.

To make suggestions for future articles, to offer corrections or improvements to existing articles, or to recommend worthwhile sources of sponsorship, please use the Contact page.

Thanks for visiting - Good Birding!

Dal Leite
Walnut Creek, CA

The Bird Wide Web™ will be publishing a new article each month.

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