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September 2021

The Bird Wide Web™ is taking a long break.

Articles and reviews will likely resume later in the future, but whether it's time now to moult, migrate, or simply hunker down in the vegetation, publication of new material on this website will pause for an extended season. Thank you to readers, supporters, and those who have produced the excellent resources it has been a privilege to feature here.

Currently in preparation:
Bird Videos III
eBird IV - Location, Location
Carbon Offsets for Birdchasers
Merlin App Update


August 2021:

Bird Arts and Crafts II

Unique artisans who have made their creations available online.

July 2021:

Satellite Tracking of Birds

Opportunities to remotely view the migratory movements of even individual birds.

June 2021:

Bird Arts and Crafts

Patterns, plans, and directions for unusual creative projects accurately representing bird species.

The Bird Wide Web™ will be publishing a new article each month.

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